Gentlemanly Gestures

This Valentine’s Day and every day, date and opportunity, men are faced with a choice: whether to open doors and hold chairs for ladies or not.  My heart still melts a teeny bit every time my husband makes the gentlemanly effort, and I shouldn’t take it for granted. When running errands the other day, Josh walked around to my side of the car to open the door, and a woman nearby could clearly be seen mouthing “that’s so cute!” We both know I can open my own door, but it’s a charming little throwback I’ll take any day.

Even when romance wasn’t rosy, Don treated Betty like a lady. {Photo credit: Mad Men}

While I welcome the gesture and appreciate it, every modern woman is different. Some find it outdated. To prevent awkwardness in a budding relationship, it’s helpful to communicate that preference clearly and early. Guys, you can clarify by simply asking your date if she’d mind you extending such a courtesy. If she accepts, you’re potentially in for a lifetime of gentlemanly gestures. WWEPD? See below:




The Little Things

When I think about my favorite memories and moments in life, there are some big days and big moments, but also little things: Sunday spaghetti dinners with Mom, Dad & Alex, collecting items on the beach with my grandparents for our rock garden, dancing to the Mario Brothers theme song with my college roomies, having my uncle’s handmade Christmas angel passed down to our little family, or just sitting on the couch with the dogs and Josh (pretty much our favorite place ever). I enjoyed reading this quote, a reminder to appreciate those moments more often.




Clean up as you go…

Happy Friday! This quote is currently on a chalkboard in our kitchen, staring at me whenever I enter or leave the house: “In the kitchen and in life, clean up as you go.”

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard it, but thank you to whoever said it first! Isn’t it the truth? It’s easy to let things pile up, creating bigger, more overwhelming messes/tasks/to-do lists… It applies to almost every aspect of life, including relationships. Clean up as you go.

For hosts and hostesses, it could mean subtly sweeping through the gathering looking for unsightly used napkins. At work, it could mean faster e-mails, phone calls returned more quickly, a little less list-making and a little more doing (in the time you make a list, sometimes you can accomplish two things on that list!)… So here’s to keeping things tidy, in the kitchen and in life – a little motto I’m trying to stick to: