Card Carousel: A Note-worthy Display

If you enjoy sending cards and stationery, you likely have quite the assortment of paper greetings at your disposal. Looking for a better system of organizing my own cards, I had my eye on Pottery Barn’s awesome Floor-Standing Photo Carousel (left) for quite some time, but was hesitant to make the $129.00 purchase.

After exploring some alternatives on various commercial display websites, I opted for a similar model: the 24 Pocket Floor Greeting Card Display (right, in white) at $49.50 from Marvolus Manufacturing. With shipping, the total was closer to $80, but still a good savings to accomplish the same purpose! It displays cards handily and takes up little floor space.

Whether you are going with the PB version or an inspired-alternative, a card carousel is a great way to organize and display pretty papers in a way that’s truly note-worthy!




Loopy Way to Save Christmas Cards

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a great time celebrating the New Year! I am back from a little break, during which Josh and I enjoyed visiting family all around the Sunshine State. Among my holiday highlights: dancing to Nicki Minaj and other Top 40 tunes with my adorable, foot-loose two-year-old niece, Lila.

Opening Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Each one makes me feel a little closer to out-of-town friends and family. Many have kiddos nowadays, and it’ll be special to watch them grow in person and also see those little faces change in print, year after year.

Each holiday, I enjoy flipping through greetings from years past. My mom saves cards and usually displays them in a basket near the fireplace, and I am starting to do the same at our home. Rather than placing Christmas cards in a drawer, I recently created little flip books, so Josh and I can better save and enjoy them each year.

Holiday Card Flip Book How-to
This was super easy using a one-hole punch and a bag of assorted book rings (any office supply store). Stack and arrange your cards (largest in the back for easier flipping), punch holes in the corner of each card, then loop them! I added a cover page with the year for each stack using some card stock and a paint pen.

Thank you for visiting Oh My Goodness Gracious and being some of the blog’s first readers! Starting this blog was a 2012 resolution of mine, and it continues to be a fun and rewarding creative outlet – thanks for being a part of it. From our family to yours, have a wonderful 2013!




Cardstock Café

Bring new life to some of those adorable greeting cards you have trapped in shoe boxes, and reuse that cute little calendar! They are all perfect materials for creating new, customized cards.

My amazing mom made each of these examples using cardstock notes in different shapes, sizes and colors from the local craft store. She just glued bits and snips of some favorite old calendars, cards or photos to create customized greetings for friends and family. StampHandmade for you by _____” to the back for a finishing touch.

If you want to get really spiffy like mom, add details like glitter glue accents, raffia or rhinestones to create something that rivals Papyrus.

A set of cards also makes a great gift!