About Oh My Goodness Gracious

Allison_Oh_My_Goodness_Gracious Oh My Goodness Gracious is a collection of entertaining ideas and tips for the budding or blooming host. The extra thought and care that go into details – whether for a big event or a family meal – can make all the difference. With topics from etiquette and events to recipes and wrapping, Oh My Goodness Gracious is about doing things with love, creating special moments and making others feel welcome.

I am a wife, new mom and public relations professional living in Tallahassee, Florida. Some of my favorite things include freestyle dancing to Top-40 jams, enjoying Bloody Marys outdoors, and of course, entertaining. Whether it’s a tailgate, holiday or a friend’s life milestone, they are all opportunities to be crafty and creative, but my favorite part is seeing it all come together and watching folks have a good time.

I am blessed to have many inspiring women in my life encouraging me along the way, including my mom, the most gracious hostess and kindest person I know. It wasn’t until later that I realized how fortunate I was to have so many home-cooked meals and candlelit family dinners thanks to mom, and I am still learning from her. Grandma Barbara is also a source of inspiration – she raised three boys, and has always maintained a simple-yet-elegant style, great sense of humor and appreciation for good service.

My attention to social graces and events has grown with each work experience. My motivation behind Oh My Goodness Gracious stems from a desire to continue building my skill set, and I look forward to sharing {almost weekdaily} what I’ve learned and what I pick up along the way.

Thank you for visiting!