Coming Soon: Pun-day Mondays!

Mondays can always use a little brightening, and I always enjoy an opportunity to be punny…leading to the addition of Pun-day Mondays! Some puns will fall flat, some will bring giggles, and hopefully many will be worth repeating. Sharpen your pun-cils, and start brainstorming. Then, visit the contact page to join the fun and share your pun for a chance to be featured. I am wide o-pun to topics and would love to feature fresh material, like this one submitted by Minda C.: “I tried to catch some fog. I mist.”


One thought on “Coming Soon: Pun-day Mondays!

  1. I’m glad I know sign language, it comes in pretty handy.

    My other favorite:
    When William joined the army, he detested the phrase “fire at will.”

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