Happy birthday, Mom!

My mother, Pamela Waxler Fogt, is an angel on Earth. It was her plenty-somethingth birthday this week, and while I couldn’t be with her in person to celebrate, I hope she’ll feel my long-distance love through this list of reasons why I admire, adore, love and am thankful for her.

The reasons are endless, but (in no particular order) I’ll stop at around plenty-something:

  • Her voicemail messages
  • How sentimental she is
  • Her green thumb
  • Her civic leadership
  • How proud she is of us kids
  • How she’s managed to look past bratty teen ‘tude moments and remember me as a good kid
  • Her killer gift-basket-making skills
  • Her organization and event-planning skills
  • Her love of Old Florida history and the arts
  • Her desire to protect and support local culture
  • Her volunteer’s heart
  • Her endearing lack of texting skills
  • Her commitment to community
  • Her gift-wrapping skills – while we’d love her thoughtful gifts regardless of their packaging, the love that goes into those details is appreciated
  • Her tuna salad sandwiches
  • How gorgeous she is
  • Her blonde moments – Lord knows I have them too
  • How she pretended to love fishing more than she actually did when she first started dating my dad
  • The hometown newspaper clippings she takes time to mail me
  • How cute it is that she listens to Olivia Newton-John – It’s just so darn cute for some reason
  • How much she loves my dad and the example they’ve set for us kids
  • Her ability to accessorize
  • Her ability to forgive
  • How she used to bring a tray of breakfast, complete with a vitamin, upstairs to wake me up during many a school morning. I know. This is amazing. I didn’t deserve it, but I am not a morning person.
  • Her financial advice
  • How she asks about my friends all the time and truly wants to know details of their lives because she loves them too
  • Her love of God
  • How we cannot go to the grocery store without her running into someone she knows
  • Her adventurous spirit and globe-trotting trips with my Godmom Pam – I want to be like you two when I grow up.
  • Her laugh
  • How she used to stay up late waiting for me to come home and make curfew. Mom, I am sorry for the nights I made you worry. I am sure I will do the same.
  • How good of a sport she was at my bachelorette party, laughing and clapping all the way amid the beer-chugging contest and the drag queens. Yep.
  • Her Delta shine
  • Her kitchen prowess
  • Her deep and long-lasting friendships with her girlfriends
  • The Monkey Milkshakes she used to make
  • I’ll hit a few more foods on this one: Her tuna casserole, No Yolk noodle soups, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese grits, 5-cup salad…
  • What a softy she is
  • How even the simplest family dinner is sure to include a lit candle somewhere if mom has anything to do with it
  • Her gift closet
  • Her handwritten notes
  • Her voice
  • How she represents the very definition of kindness
  • Her treasure hunting skills / ability to find the look for less
  • How she seems to cry when she sees me cry
  • How I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard her curse
  • How she enjoys white wine and keeps my glass full as well
  • How she helped decorate my college dorm and sorority house rooms like we were on “Trading Spaces”
  • The memories she (and dad) have given me of bedtime stories and/or bedtime songs
  • The patience she exhibited during trail-blazing family trips – dad has proven he can take a rented Ford Taurus just about anywhere
  • All the graduations she and dad sat through
  • Her sometimes unruly but beautiful wavy hair
  • How she will do just about anything to help or support members of her family
  • Her Christmas card letters with updates on every member of the family, which I used to groan about but now appreciate and will enjoy looking back on always
  • How far she and dad willingly drive to visit us kids, who moved away from our wonderful hometown of Stuart, Fla.
  • How she’s always asking if we want anything to eat – no one will ever starve in her home
  • How she (and dad) made it to every home game they could for every sport Alex and I played
  • Her health-conscious grocery shopping decisions
  • Her collection of Tri Delta tree ornaments
  • Those days she’d hang out in the car or kill time noodling around at Stein Mart during my middle and high school volleyball practices
  • How as a full-time working mom, she made me feel more loved and supported than any child could hope for

I love you, mom. Happy birthday! Love, Allie

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Mom!

  1. Dearest Allison,
    Ever memory and “reason” you shared touched my heart! What a wonderful Birthday gift! It really took me back to so many special moments in our family! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, appreciative and loving daughter.
    I love you so, so much!

  2. What a sweet blog post!! Your mom sounds amazing-you are lucky to have her and she is also lucky to have such a wonderful daughter! You inspired me to call my mom today to tell her hello and I love her :)

  3. Dear Allison,
    Your mom is everything you’ve said and more! She is the kindest, most thoughtful person I know and being her friend has enriched my life in so many ways. I will have to add that YOU are a “chip off the beautiful block”!
    Your “Toothfairy” Godmother

  4. What a sweet post, Allie. Love me some Pam Fogt – those yearly Fogt family Christmas updates make me smile! I am honored to have been added to the recipient list. :) I can’t wait for us to be like the traveling Pammies – I’ll be your brunette counterpart. xo

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