Turn Simple Jars into Superstars!

I was excited to try this DIY gold-painted vase project {from Style Me Pretty} after gathering a variety of inexpensive and recycled containers at home. My little collection of mason jars, pasta jars, and even pickle and jam jars got a touch of instant gild thanks to a fun product I’d never tried before: Liquid Leaf!

The Supplies:

  • Jar(s) of Liquid Leaf or similar brand (available at most craft stores) – one was plenty for seven jars + a small bowl
  • Foam brush
  • Variety of glass jars
  • Newspaper / protective table covering
  • A bowl you are willing to trash (or one you are planning to make fabulous*)

There is not much instruction needed. Just create! I opted for more painterly brush strokes, similar to the Style Me Pretty samples, going for thick-yet-imperfect coverage at varying heights on each jar. After a few hours of drying, my jars were complete! *The $2 grocery store bowl I used for the paint became a fun little living room accent. Bonus!

The Oh My Goodness Gilded jars have been great for a variety of purposes, from tailgate accents to fancy paintbrush holders. I can’t wait to use them in a cluster stuffed with flowers or atop pub tables.

Tip: The Liquid Leaf works great on most glass items. Try it with candlesticks, vases or frames!

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