Tequila Flats

No, this post is not about a hot new Tex-Mex bar. It’s about portable, friendly footwear options to have on-hand after a long night of cutting a rug.

This past weekend at Jackie and Ryan’s still-trying-to-come-up-with-a-word-that-does-it-justice wedding, I thought I had it all planned out by bringing a pair of flat footwear in a separate bag for later. Inevitably, after an incredible time celebrating the beautiful couple – complete with tequila shots and Gangnam Style – I boarded the trolley home, sans flats. My second pair of kicks became a casualty of wedding night fun.

My feet are still paying the price for the high-heeled dance moves, but it was worth every minute. I do know that next time I’ll tuck some of these foldable flats into my handbag to help with dance-floor comfort and the walk home:

1. Tieks {A million different colors, and reviews say they are so comfy! Pricier at $165+}
2. Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats {~$10 and available at Walgreens and Target}
3. Fit in Clouds {$20-$25}
4. Footzy Folds {$55-$80}
5. City Slips {$34-$58}

I would love to hear about your personal favorite pair of “Tequila Flats!”

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